Friday, February 25, 2011

First post (an original title!)

Hey there and welcome!

I plan to use this blog for a couple things: first we'll keep you posted on what's up at Ragged Blade; our band, theater, and useful stuff about people involved.

Second, I used to have a music review column and I'll revive it & write about some artists that cross my path. It won't be my practice to trash anyone's music so much as introduce you to sounds that are worth checking out.

You can find us on facebook at "The Ragged Blade Band" as well as "Jerry Rabushka, Playwright."

I'm usually pretty informal, but I've got a backlog of music & stuff to write about, so I'll try to get started on it pretty soon.

Jerry Rabushka
Artistic-director, co-founder of Ragged Blade, St. Louis, MO
playwright, actor, director, composer/songwriter, arranger, pianist, trumpeter, singer, magazine editor.

Well that explains why I don't have a business card.