Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're on Youtube!


Our first recordings for the new CD are online at the above link! We're really proud of how it came out, so far reaction's been pretty good, so take a listen and enjoy! If you like there's options to purchase the songs online and even get your own ring-tone. Plus if you can recommend a venue that might be good for that kind of music please drop a line, comment, etc.

Our last show at The Blue Agave was awesome! Great place & great people.

One of my pet projects is to put together a set of W.C. Handy songs. We've already got St. Louis Blues, Memphis Blues/Mr. Crump, Yellow Dog Blues (which we premiered at Blue Agave), and I hope to add Beale Street to that mix in the next month or three. We're also trying to put together an old Chris Smith song (well all Chris Smith songs are old by now) called "Good Bye I'll See You Some More." It's from 1905. Smith is most famous for "Ballin' the Jack" but he's got several others that were hits in the day. There are a lot of orchestral rag arrangements from back in the day, and I've taken some of those and arranged them for our group.

If you like the songs & video, please repost, spread the word, and of course, BUY BUY BUY! (everyone tells me not to be shy about saying BUY!)

Next shows:
Jerry plays solo at Gypsy Coffee House in Tulsa in May 20 at about 9:30
Band plays at North City Farmer's Market in St. Louis, June 4 at 10:00 a.m. If we can get up, so can you.

thanks as always for your support!