Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jake's Steaks!

We'll be playing at Jakes Steaks on Laclede's Landing from 8-11 PM on Saturday, April 23. It's our first time there, so we're excited at the opportunity. At the moment we're laying some tracks for "Good Times Comin' 'Round." Bass player Tiffany Borrine put down the bass part over the weekend.... I put down an organ track & our guitarist Berrell Spade is laying his track. It's a gospel-tinged good timin' number so the organ seems like the right choice, with a little bit of piano in there as well. I'm old enough that I'll say we're "taping" but there really isn't any tape involved anymore.

Many of the songs we're recording/playing are from a musical I'm slowly working on called Kansas Cabana. It's set in a club, with a manipulative owner named Zeke who uses and abuses the folks that perform for him. The music will be ragtime, jazz, blues, even a bit of folk. Sort of an old-style feel. I wrote the songs to be challenging - but it's a cool sense of accomplishment when we learn them.

Anyway perhaps we'll see you at Jake's!

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