Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Thing I Never Learned

Well as luck and coincidence would have it, Tennessee TV is the free download of the week at Brooklyn Publishers. Go to brookpub.com and get a copy, particularly if you are a director looking for a 30 minute one-act, this one’s fun, fast paced and still popular. It’s the first one-act I had published too, so you can be a part of history!

A little known bit of trivia is that along with No Luck at Home, I also wrote “One Thing I Never Learned” to be included in the original movie version that never got done. Long time ago, I’m over it!

You can hear it here, this is from about 1994 or so, not exactly sure. I saw a guy named Jim Wasenius at a coffee house and I dropped a note in his tip jar asking if he’d like to play guitar on this. So he was kind enough to come over and put down a track on this cassette recording.


I’ve never done this song live, but I hope to, soon. At the time, I thought it really came out good (I still do) considering I had a cheap mike and a tape player. The vocal harmony in the middle section “so lonely to be free” is pretty cool. Enjoy!

When we did the play originally in 1998, I swapped this song out of the show. The actor playing Torry Don, the singer in the play, was also a songwriter, so I suggested we use one of his songs instead and he had a good one to fit into the show.

I got to see Tennessee TV and Tennessee TV Take Two in Mansfield Arkansas, where a class put on both shows at once. They were awesomely nice to me and my partner Cherry when we came to visit. It rained, then it hailed, and they had to stop the show because it was so loud you couldn’t hear the dialogue.

One the way out, we could see the hail on the ground, it was big pieces of ice, looked interesting to say the least. Mansfield is in western Arkansas in a really pretty part of the state, south of Fayetteville.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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