Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Richmond, Indiana and Jackson, Tennessee

So we tried adding a guitar to May Aufderheide’s Richmond Rag (she’s from Richmond, Indiana) and it really brought the piece to life – despite the classical protestations of some, I get a thought that if you make it really backwoods and throw in some African rhythm on the drums, you’ve got the spirit of the thing more than a grand piano in a dark auditorium.

I have a friend who mentions “Piano Hell” where a ragtime festival is nothing but a bunch of guys and a couple gals on a grand piano, when the genre really demands a band, orchestra, or SOMETHING. There’s never going to be a huge market for pop music of 110 years ago, but, yep, I like to restore it much as I can, along with some of the (much of it ugly) history that goes with it.

Last year I put Magnetic Rag on a set list when we played on the Hyvee Stage at Kaufman Stadium. It was a “fear of God” thing that if I screwed it up, 1000’s of people would hear it and it was really loud, so Magnetic came out pretty good. Just practice until it’s 2nd nature. Or first.

Anyway if you come to the show you’ll hear the guitar on this short piece and see/hear/experience! the difference.
Once again, Stone Spiral, Saturday Feb. 11, 8 PM, 2500 Sutton in Maplewood. Weather should be nice.

Some years there’s an award ceremony overlooked by most, but it’s probably because I always win. The award is for “Jerry’s song of the year,” and “Jerry” gives the award based on the song he wrote that he likes best. Past winners have been “Good Times Comin’ Round,” “All of My Life,” and “Slow Days in New Orleans.” In 2016, where was no competition because I only wrote one song. It’s called “Jackson, Tennessee.” I wanted to call it “Jackson” but Lucinda Williams has a song called Jackson which is soooo good! So if you have an Alexa, ask her to play it.

My version was born out of my inability to get a gig in Jackson, TN, despite my best efforts and the efforts of a friend who lives there. So I turned this frustration into a failed romance of someone who walked away from me without explaining why. It’s country folk with a tag line of “I will never play a song in Jackson, Tennessee.”

Which in fact took awhile to find the best melody for, but I think the song sounds good. Josh arranged an acoustic guitar, bass, and an effect that sounds like a string mellotron. (we thought it would suck but it sounds really cool, when mixed in quietkly) I put on piano and vocals and added a riqq on afterbeats for the choruses. We’re hoping to add fiddle, but it’s good either way, so as soon as it’s ready I’ll post it.

Or come hear it live, of course!

I’d still like to play there.

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