Thursday, February 16, 2017

The United States of Pandamerica

The Brooklyn Publishers deadline for me is March 1, which means, of course, I have all year to get things done and I usually wait until February to get things started. But I've done some bigger plays over the year... I've got a full length and two one acts going into the catalog coming up, and up to 12 short plays, depending on what all they like. I tried something a bit different, which is writing about the same characters in several pieces. It was actually easier to come up with ideas that way, and though the pieces aren't related, in that you don't need to do them in any order or together at all, it might interest people who like one of them to try some more.

One of the one acts is The United States of Pandamerica, which is a comedy about a Panda getting elected as POTUS. Someone suggested that with the current state of affairs, a zoo animal would be just as good as a human being, and the public took it to heart. I like to say I was influenced by Aristophanes in that he would set up a bizarre happenstance, and rather than have a plot, just sort of watched what happens.

So I tried for a bit of a dark comedy, but the darkness creeps in a little at a time. Mostly you watch the media reaction to this chain of events, as well as the slow ostracism of the two states that actually voted against the panda. Plus, stuffed pandas for everyone! You'll meet Snappy (Miss Photogenic Vermont), Clayton (dudeblogger), Oliver and Holly the sparring broadcasters, The Vice President who's also a rapper, and of course three defeated presidential candidates who... are they plotting revenge?

Besides, this was "inspired" as in it's some idea I came up with and I ran with it. Had fun writing it, so hope y'all have some doing it on stage!

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